The Last Gate

Temple Bar Gate --- Paternoster Square in background

At one time, London was surrounded by high walls, a testament to it's stature of a historic prized city worthy of protection and defence. London was a City of monarchs, a seat of Government. From the Romans to the Georgians, London was fortified, intersected by impressive city Gates.

Today, all we can see are remnants of the old walls (in fact, you can even see Roman wall ruins), and no city gates except one, survive.

Temple Bar --- inside Gate, towards St. Paul's Cathedral
Today, I want to talk about the last gate, Temple Bar. Today, Temple Bar survives in a new location in London, in paternoster Square. Paternoster square underwent a major refurbishment in 2003 and now Temple Bar, the last surviving gate in London serves as the entranceway to this square from St. Paul's Cathedral.

If you are visiting London, be sure to check this gate out. I will be adding more information about this gate and the square in due course, including it's history and more pictures.

Until then..... stay tuned!

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