Welcome to London!

Hey all,

Just a quick welcome note as this is the first post of what I hope would be a long and successful blog.

London holds a special place in my heart, purely for the reason that I was born, raised and grew up in this city. I have travelled through virtually every corner of this huge city, had a passion for it's mass transit systems and been totally enthralled by its rich history; still seen in the form of antiquated buildings dotted about.

So if you're a tourist, someone interested in history, or a person who takes an interest in the city in general, this is the blog for you. On a regular basis, as I go about my daily life, I will be taking pictures, discussing the history, culture, places to visit, everything.

If you have pictures that you've taken, perhaps of an old building, an old sign, etc and would like information on what you've taken, feel free to send a copy to me and i'll dig up some information for you or relate personal experience on that particular area or building in this blog.

Stay tuned for more posts....


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