Dalston to Broad Street (What there was before the overground extension)

While travelling on London overground from Dalston Junction to Whitechapel last week, I overheared a conversation between two people who sat opposite me. As we all know, the stretch of the line between dalston Junction and just before Shoreditch High Street was closed for quite some time (the line used to stretch from Dalston Junction to Broad Street (Terminal next to London Liverpool Street station).

Now this guy was quite excited and animated about the new line (I share his sentiments) and he could see that the line was built over the old line and he wondered what was there before it. His partner didn't know. I had a dig around youtube and found an old clip dating from the late 1970's of the route from the driver's cab. I thought that I'd share it with you here (hope you don't mind the music --- Looks like it was from an old radio station).

Anytime you take a ride on the overground, look out for remnants of the old line!

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