Unearthing the past: Rediscovering Victoria Park Station

It always amazes me what I find when I look more closely at the old buildings, viaducts, bridges, roads and places that literally dot and saturate London.

For example, we take for granted the North London line (now London overground from Richmond to Stratford), and yet there's so much that was a part of that railway that now is lost to time and redevelopment.

The London overground line (previously the North London line) used to be part of a much bigger railway of Victorian invention and initiative. This was way before the UK railways came under Government control. Back in Victorian times, they built railways everywhere.

But now, what's left of them can be seen in old buildings and perhaps signs, stairs and walls.

I've managed to unearth an excellent site with full pictures and history of these disused stations and lines that at the very least, can be seen online.

It's clear that much time and attention has been given to this project and I've read with fascination things that I've walked past but never knew was there!

Here's an article about Victoria Park station: "Disused railway stations: Victoria Park

I hope to have more to share about this station later. Stay tuned.

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