The Demise of the old 'A' stock trains

Source:Metropolitan Line Train Taken Away For Scrapping | Londonist

I decided to write this in response to the above blog post found at the Londonist.

As you read this, London Transport are in the process of integrating their new 'S' stock trains into the Metropolitan line (part of London Underground -- sub_surface section) while the old 'A' stock trains which were around since the 60's are gradually sent to the scrap heap.

Personally, I'm rather saddened by this. I've always loved the 'A' stock train carriages. Among all the underground trains in service at the moment, their unique in one respect. Instead of the seating being positioned opposite each other along the length of the train (where everyone who's seated is sitting facing everyone else), the old 'A' stock has seating arranged like the old Victorian carriages.
I like this arrangement better as I hate sitting opposite everyone (I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to accidentally look at anyone for longer than a second, and so have to read, or, failing that, read the ads above everyone! -- maybe that's the point of the seating arrangement...)

The seats are also large and comfortable.

one obvious fan of the old 'A' stock train has made a tribute video of the old train. Check it out here:

Yea... it's old. It creaks.... Some people hate them....
But, if like me, you're among those who love them, be sure to Visit London (or, hop one one if in London) QUICK! before they depart altogether!

Interested in the new 'S' stock train? ...... check out the video here (they're just entering service):

Personally, I hate these new trains.... Well, to be fair, I never actually rode on one yet. But still, my first impressions on these trains is that they're just too modern for me. I'm a history fanatic, and part of me likes to cling on to the old stuff that little bit more.

How about you?
What are your thoughts on the new trains?
Comments are welcome!

Until next time!...


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