Visiting.... Living in London?.............Want to win an Ipad?

Don't take my word for it...
I'm not giving you the chance to win an Ipad.... I can hardly afford one myself!
                                                     But the Metro paper is!........ read on to find out more.

At this point, let me categorically stress that I'm in no way affiliated with the Metro paper at the present time and so I don't gain from this blog post.
I'm just as interested in this as you. No, not really for the Ipad (but it would be nice), but for the exhibition itself.

The Exhibition

According to the Metro paper on Monday, "Metro has joined forces with the Museum of London," "to give readers the chance to have their pictures (photographs -- italics ours) on display in front of thousands of visitors."

Are you an enthusiastic photographer (I know I am, just check out my Digital Art blog if you don't agree!) ?
Then you would be interested in this exhibition for the chance to submit your work.

Submit your work by February 18th

The exhibition runs from February 18th to September 4th (admisision free). So you have the 18th as the final deadline.

You will need a Flickr account, and you submit your work to the "London Street Photography Metro" group.
Check out the group rules at the group's home page.

Until next time.....


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