Victorian Road signs circa 1866-1917

I've written previously about Victorian Road signs (or, in particular, a Victorian Road sign) dating prior to 1866. This time, I'm going to talk about Victorian road signs that date from 1866 till 1917 (when the postcode changes again).

What's interesting about these road signs that i'm sharing with you here is that these were found in the Brick Lane area of East London (photographed by me in the middle of 2010). What makes this interesting is that these very signs were up during the time Jack the Ripper were prowling these very same streets. In a way, these signs are the silent witnesses of those bygone days.

As you can see from these photographs, these signs bore the 'E' suffix. As already commented on with my previous post on Victorian road signs prior to 1866, road signs in East London bore the 'NE' suffix.
on this subject, Wikepedia makes this comment:

"The original NE district created in 1858 was in North East London, but this was abolished in 1866; parts were transferred to the N and E districts, while others were removed from the London postal district altogether."
Source: Wikepedia -- NE Postcode

Regarding the E suffix, Wikepedia continues:

"The current E postcode area was originally formed in 1866 as a merger of the E and NE areas created in 1858. In 1917 the postal districts were numbered alphabetically by their location;[3] the districts usually cover a wider area than their names might suggest. As of 2004, the district names do not form part of the postal address.[2] Due to high demand, sector 9 of the E1 postcode district was split and recoded in 1999 to create an E1W postcode district around Wapping;[4] the rest of the district did not gain an additional character. Where districts are used for purposes other than the sorting of mail, such as use as a geographic reference and on street signs, E1 and E1W continue to be classed as one 'district'. The E postcode area contains two non-geographic postcode districts for high-volume business users, E77 and E98.[5]"

Source: Wikepedia -- E Postcode

A road sign seems very inconspicuous, or very easily missed when going about our daily life, but if you're a history fan like me, sometimes it's worth-while stopping and taking stock of our surroundings. Especially if we're visiting or touring London.

If you want to check out these particular signs for yourself, head on down to the Brick Lane area in East London (a short walk from Aldgate and Liverpool street stations -- A walk I heartily recommend) and see them for yourself. The area is a treasure trove of old buildings and streets dating back not only to the Victorian era but to the Georgian era too!

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