Steam train service out of London

Bittern class Mayflower
On September 11th last year at around 10:00 pm, I was standing on platform one at London Paddington station shivering.

No, I wasn't catching a train........... I wasn't waiting for anyone....
                       .................. I was just waiting for a train......

No, not just any train. I was waiting for a steam train. In fact, this particular train was late (not surprisingly given the usual mainline train 'track-record.'); it was due to arrive about an hour earlier. But given that this train had just travelled over 400 miles round-trip from Plymouth over Britain's modern rail-tracks (presumably giving way to the regular services, taking on water, etc -- but don't quote me), I think we can forgive this particular service.

Now, why am I talking about steam trains in this blog?
Well, for one thing, as probably noted already in this blog, I am totally fanatical about history and historical things from the past; and this train fits the bill. Plus, the train has departed and arrived in one of London's busiest rail terminals.

1st Class Carriage

why should this interest you?
Well..... did you know that there are chartered steam services running from London throughout the year?
Until late last year, I didn't even know.
Not only in London, but throughout the United Kingdom. Chartered steam trains also call on major cities up and down Britain's mailine rail system.
This particular train on the 11th called on the following stations:

  • London Paddington
  • Slough
  • Reading
  • Newbury
  • Plymouth
.... And back again after it's Passengers spent the day at Plymouth.

If you are interested in rail tours for 2011 (it's a new year and a new brochure!), you can book mainline steam  tours via "The Railway touring Company".

You won't be disappointed!

See you onboard!.......

Until next time!..............


Chris said...

RTC are just one of several companies - Stream Dreams also offer a wide range of journeys, mainly from London. For an up-to-the-minute guide to all tours, timings etc try http://www.uksteam.info/tours/trs11.htm

Richard Ray said...

Thanks for the heads up Chris!

KENNY said...

A nice post on steam trains. If you would like to see some in Australia, please visit my site. Best wishes!


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